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About us

The only platform for searching job offers and candidates using anonymous CV

WWProfessional was born out of the need of a disruptive change in traditional candidate selection processes and job search. A change based in business culture, integrity and no-discrimination.

Our mission is to provide quality services based on our own methodology, that offer to the companies agility, flexibility and efficiency for searching candidates, and to candidates the confidence of participating in processes that match their preferences about the desired position and company type. All of this always in a confidential manner.

What makes us different?

Ensure equality in the candidates selection process

  1. Companies publish their job offers in WWProfessional and the platform finds, evaluates and pre-selects the candidates that fulfill the requirements defined in the job offer.
  2. The candidates are selected for an interview based only on their skills.
  3. Candidates do not provide personal data (name, photo, gender, age...).